Apprenticeship Requirements

The primary means of joining the Laborers' International Union of North America is to participate in the Ohio Laborers' Training & Apprenticeship Program. Individuals with prior construction experience may also apply for an exemption or credit for previous work hours.

The minimum qualifications for applicants are: 

  1. Not less then 18 years of age 

  2. High School Diploma or GED required. Applicants must be able to read and write in the English language

  3. Must possess a valid drivers license 

  4. Applicants will be required to complete an application form and provide documentation of qualifications

  5. Must pass interview

  6. Physically able to perform the work of the trade

  7. Must have reliable transportation

  8. Must submit to a pre-employment drug test


To apply for admission into our apprenticeship program you must first complete an application and submit all required documentation.   The next step of the process is to locate a signatory contractor (under resource link).  Once a contractor agrees to sponsor you, the contractor will notify the local Business Manager and a meeting will be scheduled.