Contractor Requirements

The Ohio Laborers' Apprenticeship Program is committed to providing the necessary skills to LIUNA’s newest members, the apprentices. Through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, new members will be fully prepared to meet the needs of the Union Construction industry.
Contractors need to be aware of the pay and benefit rules as they pertain to apprenticeship.

Apprentice Wages and Progression
Apprentices shall be paid an increasingly progressive schedule of wages consistent with skills and knowledge acquired. The rate for each period of the apprenticeship is expressed as a percentage of the skill Construction Craft Laborer journeyworker rate specified in the collective bargaining agreement. The schedule that follows provides for four equal periods of approximately 1,000 hours of work and 144 hours of classroom training each:

First period at 60% of the journeyworker rate

Second period at 70% of the journeyworker rate

Third period at 80% of the journeyworker rate

Fourth period at 90% of the journeyworker rate

Full Journeyworker rate after completion of 4000 OJL hours and 432 classroom training hours

Apprentices shall be eligible for and employers shall be required to pay on behalf of apprentices contributions to health, welfare and pension funds.