IRAPs are dangerous.

Industry recognized apprenticeship programs don't fit in construction

The use of Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs in construction is unnecessary. The Building trades unions and their contractor partners spend $1.6 billion every year building the best trained workforce in the world.

Registered Apprenticeship has set the standard for quality for over 80 years and counting – annually graduating hundreds of thousands of men, women, minorities, youth, and veterans without taxpayer dollars.

IRAPs would increase the use of unskilled and inexperienced workers and allow employers to pay apprentices minimum wage rather than union apprentice scale.

IRAPs threaten the livelihoods of LIUNA members and could turn a pathway to the middle-class into a path to poverty because of:

  • No graduation requirements
  • No recognition of certifications
  • No wage guarantees
  • No requirement for safety training