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Facts about Ohio Laborers

The Ohio Laborers' Apprenticeship Program is the starting point for individuals to become Ohio Laborers. Ohio Laborers enjoy many benefits by choosing this career option. In addition to tangibly seeing their work in real-time, Ohio Laborers benefit from many valuable traits by being affiliated with an International Labor Union. Some of the more important ones are illustrated below.

Benefits of Ohio Laborers

Aside from making real money early on in your career, you are also afforded wonderful benefits. When you join the Ohio Laborers you join a team that has your best interest in mind when it comes to your health and your future. You can have peace of mind knowing you and your dependents will have quality health insurance and a pension to support your retirement goals. The illustration below drills into the particulars on the benefits available and how they are distributed.

Career mobility

Once you become a Laborer, career mobility is based on your attitude, performance, and ambition. If you want to advance within the industry, you have opportunities to do just that. Below is a diagram on the levels of advancement opportunities available to Ohio Laborers.