Letter from the Director – Fall 2021

Words from Our Statewide Apprenticeship Coordinator

It is hard to believe we will soon be entering the autumn season, and the end of 2021 is quickly approaching. Yet, time never slows, and neither does the work we do. Despite the challenges the construction industry has faced due to the COVD-19 pandemic, infrastructure and construction have continued to thrive. Our work has remained in demand and immensely necessary. We are proud to be able to keep Ohio’s infrastructure going in these difficult times. This past year has been a testament to our laborers’ strength, ingenuity, and resilience and our leadership. 

We have decided to release a quarterly newsletter to inform our contractors of current happenings related to workforce development. We hope it will keep you fully aware of all the available resources and processes to make workforce development more manageable. In addition, we want to inform you of the changes in recruitment, marketing, and training, among other updates, that will arise throughout the upcoming quarters. 

We believe that the more you are informed, the stronger we can be as a union apprenticeship. Therefore, we hope this newsletter proves to be engaging, informative, and valuable for our contractors. Together and informed, we will continue to remain strong and keep driving forward.

Vincent T. Irvin

State Apprenticeship Coordinator