Innovate Your Workforce – Winter 2021

Keep up with New Industry Practices through Workforce Training

Like any industry, the construction industry is constantly changing and evolving in its practices. It may seem daunting to keep up with new industry practices consistently, but innovating your business and workforce may be easier than you previously thought.

Workforce training is the best way to modernize your business, improve safety, and increase productivity, all at no cost to you. When construction laborers receive training, they receive hands-on expertise in the most updated practices with the latest technology. At the Drexel J. Thrash Training Center and local union offices, laborers develop skills for their construction careers that prepare them to work on projects with advanced industry knowledge.

The LIUNA Training Fund assures that your workforce stays ahead of the curve no matter how much the construction industry changes. The LIUNA Training and Education Fund is an integral part of the Laborers’ International Union of North America and one of the premier adult training organizations in the world. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities LIUNA Training provides and urge your laborers to sign up for training classes. Your business will thank you!

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