Mobile Accessibility is Key

Make Mobile-First the new norm

If we are going to be successful in finding new candidates, accessibility is critical in reaching younger generations. In our Winter 2021 Contractor Newsletter, we shared some key statistics about applicants to our Sponsorship Portal. One of the most prominent statistics from our study was that 80% of our applicants filled out their applications on their mobile devices, with only 18% filling it out on a desktop and 1% using a tablet.

Mobile devices are the chief medium of communication and connection for most Gen Z and Millennials. Because of this, a mobile-first outlook is critical for your business to reach the next generation. Your websites, work portals, and job applications should all be mobile-friendly. Meaning, your information and applications should be as easy to navigate on a phone screen as they are on a desktop computer. 

When Gen Z and Millennials can easily navigate your website and applications on their phones, they are more likely to take the time and effort to apply for your positions. If they cannot find information or use their phone to apply, they may not be willing or able to check back on a different device, and your application may get lost in the midst. For questions or to schedule a workforce consultation, contact Vince Irvin at the apprenticeship office at or (614) 865-9833 or cell phone (740) 504-2707.