The Next Generation – Spring 2022

Introducing the Next Generation of the Construction Workforce.

Gen Z and Millennials represent the next generations of the construction workforce. Like every generation, they differ from those before them because of their varied experiences. Both Gen Z and Millennials were born in an age of information technology that has shaped their lives and perspectives. Because of this, they present new challenges and opportunities to the construction industry for recruiting and maintaining a capable and well-trained workforce. For the construction industry and your business to continue to grow, the next generation must be attracted to the union construction industry and its contractors. To recruit and sustain Gen Z and Millennials, it is essential to consider their mindset.  

Gen Z is defined as an individual born from 1996 to 2012, while Millennials are from 1997 to 1995. These generations are poised to fill the gaps of an aging and retiring workforce, but reaching them is different from any age before them. Some key characteristics of Gen Z and Millennials are that they have grown up with technology ingrained in their everyday lives. They seek unique, personalized experiences, deeper connections, and they want to document them with their online presence. Harnessing and understanding some of these qualities and experiences are the first steps to understanding the new generational mindset. Throughout this newsletter, we have complied generational research to give you and your company a better understanding to improve your operations to reach the next generation.