The Next Steps

Steps to assure you are Attracting the Next Generation.

To turn the next generation towards the construction industry, it is vitally important to evaluate and adjust the approaches used to attract your workforce. While change does not happen overnight, small steps can be taken by your businesses and others to make the construction industry more attractive and accessible to the next generation.

1. Check if your company has online reviews, and take action if they are negative.

– If your company has negative reviews on websites like Google, Glassdoor, or Indeed, ask trusted employees to write honest, positive reviews on their company experience to improve your ratings and overall image.

2. Update your website and job descriptions with relevant, up-to-date information on your company and job performances.

 Give candidates insight into your company’s work, its values, and your expectations for your workforce, so they are informed and willing to get involved.

3. Make applications and web content mobile accessible.

– Make the process easy for applicants to learn about your company and apply.

4. Advocate for your company and the industry whenever possible.

–  Get involved with your community, share upcoming projects, and celebrate your workforce whenever possible to create positive relationships that reflect well on your company and the construction industry.

5. Communicate with the Apprenticeship Office for marketing materials and workforce development needs.

– The Apprenticeship Office has six full-time recruiters and marketing personnel who can assist you with your marketing and consulting needs.