They’re Assessing You First

Prepare your company to be Assessed. 

Gen Z and Millennials are the most diverse and information technology-driven generations yet. They have had access to the internet and social media for most of their lives, and most take full advantage of those resources. Your company’s website, social media branding, and online reviews tell a story, and Gen Z and Millennials will seek out that story before committing to you or the industry. The CGK has found that the number one source that impacts Gen Z and Millennials’ view of a possible employer is employee reviews and ratings on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Google. 

It is essential to see if your company is on these sites and what employees have said in their reviews. If the reviews are mainly negative, this could negatively impact your hiring and overall company image. One of the best ways to combat a negative image is to address problems and ask trusted employees to write positive reviews about their experiences with the company.

Information is vital to the next generation. They want to know about your company and what a job at your company entails. If information is not readily given, they will seek it out on employee review websites. It is important to share content about your company and specialty on your website, social media, and communication pieces. When Gen Z and Millennials are more positively informed on your company and the industry, they will feel more confident joining your company as an employee. For questions or to schedule a workforce consultation, contact Vince Irvin at the apprenticeship office at or (614) 865-9833 or cell phone (740) 504-2707.