Updated Contractor Resources (Attached)

Check out our updated resources to assist with recruiting, orientation, and subcontracting.

The Ohio Laborers’ Apprenticeship office has updated its marketing and new member resources. These resources include the New Members Guide, the Apprenticeship Brochure, and the Training Center Brochure.  

Apprenticeship Brochure 

The Apprenticeship Brochure offers key information about what a union laborer is, the benefits, why the union construction industry, and how apprenticeship and the application process work. Click here to access it.  

Training Center Brochure

The Training Center Brochure showcases images and descriptions of the training center and the training experience. Click here to access it.  

New Members Guide

Our New Member Guide acts as an orientation booklet with descriptions and contact information for the union funds, benefits office, and other essential information about their new career and industry. Click here to access it.  

We encourage contractors to utilize these resources for marketing and informing new employees about their benefits and how to sign up for them. 

The updated resources are attached in this article below for you to save and print. Still, physical copies are available. If you would like copies of any of these resources dropped off at your location, please fill out the form here. 

Certified Business – Subcontractor Resource Guide 

In addition to these marketing resources, the 2022 edition of the Certified Business – Subcontractor Resource Guide is now available. This guide is the premier collection of signatory contractors possessing certified business designations from all across Ohio. With the increasing proliferation of DEI programs implemented by project owners in both the public and private construction markets; now more than ever, it is imperative to know who you can turn to for subcontracting purposes. To request a physical please email: derocadmin@ovssr.org. For a digital copy, click here.