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The purpose of this process is to build upon workforce development efforts more efficiently and transparently. This new feature is to benefit signatory contractors to Ohio Laborers’ District Council and Laborers’ Local Building & Utility agreements. We strive to instill in all of our Apprentices – a strong work ethic, character, and morals. To that end, please check with the Local first prior to your candidate search – as they may already have Apprentices available for work.



To review our applicants, you need to first register with the Apprenticeship office. Entering your name, company, and contact information will trigger a release of your password via email to review applicants by clicking the “View Applicants” button below. As you will see, many applicants have selected skills that they have acquired before applying. Some, however, do not have any acquired construction skills  yet due to age or previous job experience but are eager to learn through registered apprenticeship. Other features of the results view are:

•      Searchable fields – such as skills or location of applicants

•      Individual application views by clicking on the magnifying glass

•      Time-relevant applicants. (Only applicants within the 90 days will be viewable.)

All applicants viewed have met the required qualifications: 

•      18 years of age 

•      High School diploma or GED – Are uploaded and viewable  

•      Valid Driver’s License – Uploaded and viewable

If you find a candidate you are interested in, you must first call the Union Laborers’ Local within that jurisdiction before placing anyone underemployment. This call will signal the Business Manager and Apprenticeship Coordinator to provide an Apprenticeship Employment Agreement along with other onboarding material. This agreement will require signatures of the employer (you), the Local, and the Apprenticeship Office to officially put the candidate under your employment as a registered apprentice.

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