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In order to be considered for the program you must meet these requirements:

Now that you have applied And submitted all required documents, the next step of the process is to:

1. Locate a signatory contractor in your area by opening this link:

         Current list of Signatory Contractors / Ohio Laborers’ Contractor Map

2. Print the Employment Sponsor Agreement below by opening this link. 

         Apprenticeship Employment Agreement

3. Find a contractor in your home area willing to sponsor (hire) you. Take the Apprenticeship Employment Agreement form when you speak to the contractor. The contractor must sign and date the form and send it to the local union office.

4. After a contractor agrees to sponsor (hire) you, the sponsoring contractor must complete the Employment Sponsor Agreement, notify the local business manager, and seek their approval before you begin your employment.

If you do not hear from us after 90 days, you MUST re-apply if you’re interested in the Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program. Note, you will have to upload all required documents as we do not retain the information of non-selected candidates.