Why Apprenticeship?

Training & education at no additional cost

Unlike going to college, you will not accumulate student loan debt as a Laborer Apprentice. Both classroom and on- the-job training are available at no additional cost to our Laborer Apprentices. As a Laborer Apprentice, you will learn skills by attending a minimum of 144 hours of classroom training per year. You will practice and develop what you learn in the classroom with a skilled journey worker(s) for 4,000 hours of on-the-job training.

Comfortable living wage

Laborers can make over $30 per hour. You don’t have to wait until you “graduate” to start making money. Apprentices work and get paid while learning the trade. Apprentice wages increase as you progress through the Apprenticeship Program, as illustrated in the chart.

Action & adventure

Laborers are involved in nearly every construction project.  They are typically employed on-site from the day a project begins until the day it is completed.  Laborers build and repair roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels; construct buildings; install gas lines; clean up hazardous waste sites; and much more.  Among specfic tasks Laborers do are- drilling and blasting, erecting scaffolding, mason tending, pipe laying, grade checking, cutting steel, operating power equipment, traffic control and installing intellegent transportation systems.  From small one day jobs to massive multi-year construction projects, Ohio Laborers do it all.

mentorship & Career growth

Apprenticeship prepares Laborers for a successful career by pairing them with the education and mentorship required to grow and advance. Through classroom and on-the-job training, apprentices make connections, learn new skills, and create a foundation for career growth and leadership positions.