OLTAP Selected as Apprenticeship Ambassador

The Ohio Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program chosen by the US Department of Labor as an apprenticeship ambassador.

The US Department of Labor has recognized the Ohio Laborers Training & Apprenticeship Trust Fund as an Apprenticeship Ambassador. The selection comes in light of the US Department of Labor’s efforts to expand and diversify Registered Apprenticeships. The department selected the Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program for its continued efforts to raise awareness of apprenticeship opportunities and their innovative practices and service to unreached and underserved populations.    

It has long been the mission of the Ohio Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program to expand the diversity of their program as well as the union construction industry as a whole. The program works closely with organizations such as Ohio Means Jobs, Building Futures and Driving Futures, and Jobs Corp that work to reduce potential applicants’ barriers to entry and promote serving unreached and underserved populations. In addition, the program is a close partner of The Ohio Department of Transportation’s Division of Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion, which seeks to promote greater diversity and inclusion on Ohio construction worksites. 

A statement from Our Apprenticeship Coordinator     

“It is an honor for our apprenticeship program to be recognized as DOL Apprenticeship Ambassador,” stated Vince Irvin, the statewide Apprenticeship Coordinator for the program. “Our staff, local unions, and signatory contractors work tirelessly on our collective mission to develop and maintain a diverse pool of community partners that ultimately leads to a family-supporting career for our apprentices. This, in turn, carries on our rich craft union tradition of having the most diversified workforce.”   

Statistics and Links

The Ohio Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program was one of 207 selected programs from a rigorous 6,000+ application pool. To learn more, view the DOL’s full press release here and their Ambassador page here.