Contractor Portal

Save time with quality workforce development

Created in partnership with the OCA, the AGC and the local union business managers, Vince Irvin, our laborers’ statewide apprenticeship coordinator, discussed the benefits and use of the contractor portal in a recent video presentation.

When you sign up for the contractor portal, you have access to a list of apprentice applicants. These candidates can be broken down by zip code, city and/or a specific skill such as a CDL or asphalt work experience. However, many of our applicants are 18 and right out of high school, without any construction experience. While you’ll find a number of applicants with zero construction experience, you will also find many that have a number of years working in construction and would like to be part of the laborers’ union.

The applications are saved on a hard drive after 45 days and are removed from the portal. Contractors can still have access to those backed up applications via our office, while also presenting you with the most viable applicants when you log in to the portal.

Learn how to sign up for the contractor portal here, and as always, our team of six is here to help you with any of your workforce development needs. Contact Vince at the apprenticeship office at or (614) 865-9833.