Unions: Building Strength in Numbers for Workers’ Rights and Benefits 

Unions Provide Workers with Better Pay, Benefits, and Career Opportunities Through Collective Bargaining Agreements, Training, and Labor Advocacy.

In the realm of organized labor, unions stand as a powerful embodiment of the principle that “there is strength in numbers.” Unions serve as collective bodies of workers united thought solidarity and collective bargaining agreements advocating for improved working conditions, better pay, benefits, and advancement opportunities.

Ohio Laborers' Union

The Ohio Laborers Union, a distinguished subset of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA), exemplifies these principle. Through collective bargaining negotiations, the union represents its members to secure favorable contracts that ensure fair compensation, reasonable working hours, and essential benefits. These negotiations take place at various levels, including Local Union offices, the Ohio Laborers’ District Council, regional offices, and internationally. 

Beyond traditional compensation and working hours, the Ohio Laborers Union prioritizes training, healthcare, retirement planning, advocacy, industry growth, and organizational efforts. By providing access to training programs, healthcare coverage, and retirement benefits, unions elevate what may have been perceived as part-time jobs into sustainable, middle-class careers. Additionally, unions actively seek to expand market opportunities for members by promoting organized labor, securing agreements with new contractors, and advocating for policies that foster industry growth and protect workers’ rights.

Union Dues

Union dues paid by members and contractor contributions play a crucial role in sustaining the operations of Local Union offices, facilitating contract negotiations, and managing relationships with local contractors. These dues contribute to funding essential services and programs such as training initiatives, healthcare benefits, legal representation, retirement plans, and industry advocacy efforts. 

Join the Movement!

In essence, unions serve as catalysts for positive change in the labor landscape, championing the rights and interests of workers while fostering a sense of solidarity and community among members. Through collective action and unwavering commitment, unions like the Ohio Laborers Union continue to shape a future where workers enjoy fair wages, dignified working conditions, and opportunities for professional growth. 

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